Cantina Royale team is a 25-person passionate development team, with dozens of years in game development led by Alexandru Palade. The team’s experience includes working for successful titles like Predators, Alien vs Predator, and collaborations with Facebook (Oculus VR), Google, and Valve.
Alexandru Palade - Executive Producer
Alex comes with over 15 years of experience in games and technology. He’s the founder of Rikodu, raising investment, building a team, and ultimately self-publishing Robo Revenge Squad, a multiplayer, multiplatform action game for PC & consoles. Alex also serves on the Board of Directors of the Romanian Game Developers Association. Before entering game development professionally, Alexandru was Director of Product Development at Yardi, a US software company where he grew a product development team from 40 to 200.
Radu Septimiu - Technical Director
Radu Septimiu Cristea is a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience in technology. Notably, he held a leadership position at Gameloft and played a pivotal role in the co-founding and advancement of Rikodu. Radu's expertise spans multiple domains, including finance, automotive, and e-commerce. His proficiency covers both gaming and software, showcasing a versatile and extensive skill set.
Gabriel Tanko - Art Director
Gabriel Tanko is a versatile designer whose creative journey has encompassed diverse roles. Before becoming part of Cantina Royale, he contributed his artistic talents as a Freelance Illustrator for Wizards of the Coast's Magic the Gathering. With over six years as a Lead 2D Artist & Game Developer at Rikodu, he has been instrumental in shaping visual development and game design. Notably, Gabriel's journey also includes a significant role as a 2D Game Artist at Gameloft (2013 - 2017), where he specialized in concept art and 2D assets.
Karoly Molnar - Creative Director
Karoly Molnar: As the Creative Director at Cantina Royale, Karoly's career encompasses key roles in the gaming industry. He co-founded TryAgain Games and held leadership positions at Denali Publishing LLC, ZIPZAP Games, and Invictus Games, Ltd. His expertise spans game design, UX/UI, and project management, resulting in successful title launches with millions of installs and pioneering the integration of web3 features into mobile gaming.
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