Cantina Royale team is a 25-person passionate development team, with dozens of years in game development led by Alexandru Palade. The teamโ€™s experience includes working for successful titles like Predators, Alien vs Predator, and collaborations with Facebook (Oculus VR), Google, and Valve.

Alexandru Palade - Executive Producer

Alex comes with over 15 years of experience in games and technology. Heโ€™s the founder of Rikodu, raising investment, building a team, and ultimately self-publishing Robo Revenge Squad, a multiplayer, multiplatform action game for PC & consoles. Alex also serves on the Board of Directors of the Romanian Game Developers Association. Before entering game development professionally, Alexandru was Director of Product Development at Yardi, a US software company where he grew a product development team from 40 to 200.

Radu Septimiu - Technical Director

Radu Septimiu Cristea is a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience in technology. Notably, he held a leadership position at Gameloft and played a pivotal role in the co-founding and advancement of Rikodu. Radu's expertise spans multiple domains, including finance, automotive, and e-commerce. His proficiency covers both gaming and software, showcasing a versatile and extensive skill set.

Gabriel Tanko - Art Director

Gabriel Tanko is a versatile designer whose creative journey has encompassed diverse roles. Before becoming part of Cantina Royale, he contributed his artistic talents as a Freelance Illustrator for Wizards of the Coast's Magic the Gathering. With over six years as a Lead 2D Artist & Game Developer at Rikodu, he has been instrumental in shaping visual development and game design. Notably, Gabriel's journey also includes a significant role as a 2D Game Artist at Gameloft (2013 - 2017), where he specialized in concept art and 2D assets.

Karoly Molnar - Creative Director

Karoly Molnar: As the Creative Director at Cantina Royale, Karoly's career encompasses key roles in the gaming industry. He co-founded TryAgain Games and held leadership positions at Denali Publishing LLC, ZIPZAP Games, and Invictus Games, Ltd. His expertise spans game design, UX/UI, and project management, resulting in successful title launches with millions of installs and pioneering the integration of web3 features into mobile gaming.

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