Game Modes

Player vs Player

Think you’ve got what it takes to take your place on the leaderboard? The Galactic Arena is a stone’s throw away from the main hub but is a battlefield unlike any other. Only the resilient survive, and those that come out on top are unmatched in wits and skill.
Free-for-all (Live)
4 players go head to head in this non-stop battle against friends and foes! The Free For All deathmatch knows no allies, only enemies where the player with the highest kill count is determined as the winner!
1vs1 Match
Stay three steps ahead of your opponent in the 1v1 Match, as every move counts to survive this death match against tough, seasoned players on the field.
Team Deathmatch
8 players take to teams and rally against other teams to win. The team that successfully vaporizes all the players of the other team wins! Take your team to victory in the Team Deathmatch.
Team Objective
8 players team up to achieve a specific set of objectives, attempting to finish the goal before the other teams do! Team Objective will get your gears turning as you take your team through a series of obstacles to complete your given objective.
Battle Royale
This multiplayer game mode provides numerous reward opportunities for high-level players who win against their opponents. The arena can host up to 50 players battling it out in disorganized violence. Will you succumb to the massacre, or will you become the last ape standing?

Player vs Environment

Band together with allies, and co-op in this mission-based game mode. 1-4 players enter the mission and raid for treasure as you grapple with enemies, bandits, and bots. The PvE game mode offers a set of daily missions, where each succeeding mission increases in difficulty. Enter the mission alone, or find your sundry corps for a successful mission.
  • Single Player Missions
  • Co-Op Missions
  • Single Player Wave Attack
  • Co-Op Wave Attack