Battle Rewards

Cantina Royale adopts a play & earn model where players can earn rewards when actively participating in the game. Players will not be rewarded by being passive in matches. Earnings are limited per character which encourages playing with multiple characters on a daily basis.

Battle Rewards need to be segmented into 2 separate categories. One for playing the regular game modes and one for the more competitive arena mode. To note that both modes will be required to progress through the game and earn the valuable resources that are needed, regardless if you’re playing an NFT character or the free available ones.

Regular Game Modes

The regular modes provide players with lots of valuable resources which are needed in order to progress their accounts, characters and weapons. These include:

  • Loot Boxes

  • Shards

  • Weapon XP

  • Battle Points

Arena Royale

Arena Royale will constitute our competitive mode that is only available for NFT players, either owners or borrowers. The Arena Royale will take the form of a weekly tournament with a weekly reset and rewards will be earned in 3 different ways:

  • Earn Crowns by winning matches

  • Weekly leaderboard β€” Finish high on the leaderboard to get valuable rewards and Crowns. This leaderboard is based on your account.

  • NFT Ladder β€” While not directly rewarding additional Crowns, the NFT ladder will increase your NFTs earning potential (in addition to your NFT level)

Arena Royale Rules

  • There will be no bots in these games so wait times to find a balanced match might vary depending on region

  • Only a victory will result in a direct Crown reward at the end of a match

  • Each NFT will have 5 arena royale matches available to them daily

  • Arena Royale will not be distributing other progression related resources that are needed for characters and weapons

It is important to remember that the Arena Royale and it’s leaderboard are the only ways of earning Crown in the game.

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