Battle Rewards

Cantina Royale adopts a play & earn model where players can earn rewards when actively participating in the game. Players will not be rewarded by being passive in matches. Earnings are limited per character which encourages playing with multiple characters on a daily basis.

Character XP

Characters gain XP points after completing a match. The amount of XP gained is based on the player's performance during the match. Things like kill streaks, K/D ratio, and your final position will be taken into consideration. There is no limit on how much XP a character can earn during a day.
Character XP points can also flow over the character's following level if the character was not immediately upgraded. This means you could potentially have enough XP on your character for the next few upgrade levels for when you decide to actually upgrade it.

Career Points

Career Points represent the player's account progression. Points are earned by opening Bounty Boxes and they unlock various in-game content, features, and rewards. Career points are only limited by the number of Bounty Boxes you can open.


Your character defines how many shards you can earn each day. The higher the level of your character the more Shards you will be able to collect on a daily basis.


These can only be earned by playing with an NFT character as long as that character has contracts left. This can be achieved by either owning an NFT and playing the game or by borrowing an NFT from the Lending Platform.

Bounty Trophy

Bounty Trophies are earned at the end of the match as long as your character has Contracts left. They are used for unlocking new Bounty Boxes. These can be earned by NFT owners, borrowers, and Free-to-play users.

Bounty Boxes

You unlock Bounty Boxes by accumulating Bounty Trophies at the end of matches. These boxes contain multiple useful items like shards, Carrer Points, Upgrade Items, XP Cards and more.

Royale Bounty Trophy

These can only be earned by playing an NFT Character, either by owning one or by borrowing one from the Lending Platform. They are used for unlocking the highest tear of Boxes (Royale Bounty Box) which contain valuable rewards and tradeable items.

Royale Bounty Box

NFT characters can earn Royale Bounty Boxes within Cantina Royale. These boxes contain valuable rewards, tradeable items, and shards.