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The Genesis Space Ape Collection

The Cantina is the place for ragtag ruffians to rendezvous, so you’re more than likely to find a lineup of characters in your midst, each with a unique set of skills and appearances. Cantina Royale features an array of NFTs as playable characters through Space Apes - an original collection available once the game is fully launched.

The Space Ape collection will give a boost to the Cantina Royale ecosystem with staggering 3D graphics as fully playable in-game characters. Drink, raid, and fight your way to glory with this particular collection, and go ape-absolutely bananas over your original NFTs.

Space Apes Rarity

NFT Characters inside Cantina Royale differ in their rarity. The higher the rarity of the NFT a player holds, the higher the starting and maximum available Stat & Perk scores. Having more powerful characters increases the player's chance to win and therefore increases their potential in-game earnings. Characters are classified from Bronze to Legendary, ascending in rarity and perks per tier level:

Genesis Space Apes Lifetime Earnings

The Genesis Space Apes is the first collection to release inside the Cantina Royale Ecosystem. These first 15.000 NFTs earn additional rewards from all future NFT characters that are generated through recruiting. They will earn 1.2% of in-game earnings from all future generations that are descendants of the original Genesis Space Ape. This includes NFTs that have been sold on the marketplace after recruitment.

Character Stats

Each NFT character inside Cantina Royale is assigned a set of 2 Base Stats:

Health: Affects the maximum health points of the character and is upgradeable by progressing your character.

Shield: Affects the maximum shield value of a character and is upgradeable by progressing your character.

Character Perks

Character Perks offer give each character flavor and uniqueness. They will have a big impact on your gameplay and playstyle, that’s why it’s important you understand how they work and how you can upgrade these perks.

While characters in Cantina Royale will have access to all the existing perks in the game, each NFT will have a certain affinity to their respective perks, meaning that those perks will be much more powerful when compared to other talent points and will also have the advantage of already starting with 10 points allocated to each of their perk from the get go.

Overachiever: Increase the charge speed of your character’s ultimate ability, granting you more frequent access to devastating and game-changing abilities.

Perseverance: Boost your ammo regeneration speed for a short duration after eliminating an opponent. This perk ensures that you remain well-equipped with ammunition, allowing for sustained firepower during intense encounters.

Galvanized: Decrease the cooldown of your character’s ultimate ability after each successful kill. With this perk, you can rapidly reduce the downtime of your ultimate, enabling you to unleash its full potential more frequently.

Nano Meds: Automatically regenerate health when your shield reaches full capacity. This perk keeps you in the fight for longer periods by ensuring that you can quickly recover health once your shield is fully charged.

Overshield: Gain additional shield points after eliminating an opponent, bolstering your defences and extending your survival.

Resilience: Accelerate shield regeneration for a brief period when your health drops below 25%. This perk offers a crucial defensive boost in critical moments, allowing you to quickly restore your shield and withstand intense enemy fire.

Brawler:Temporarily increase your damage output when your health drops below 25%, empowering you to unleash devastating assaults when it matters most.

Hodler: Increase your maximum shield capacity after each kill (maximum 3 times), resetting upon elimination. This perk rewards your aggressive playstyle by progressively enhancing your defensive capabilities with each successful elimination.

Adrenaline Rush: Experience a burst of movement speed for a short duration after eliminating an opponent. This perk provides a tactical advantage, allowing you to swiftly reposition yourself or pursue fleeing enemies.

Black Widow: Receive a health boost upon eliminating an enemy, granting you a crucial advantage in subsequent engagements.

Cold Blooded: Trigger faster ammo regeneration for a limited time when your health drops below 25%, ensuring a continuous supply of firepower in intense situations.

Escape Artist: Gain a brief burst of movement speed when your health drops below 25%, enabling quick escapes or flanking maneuvers.

Scavenger: Increase your movement speed when your ammo is full, allowing for fast traversal and engagement with opponents. This perk rewards preparedness by enhancing your mobility when you have a full ammunition reserve.

Cool Moves: Increase movement speed in grassy areas. This perk enhances your mobility and agility specifically when traversing grassy terrain.

Grounded: Gain a damage bonus when standing still for a certain duration, rewarding tactical positioning and patience during combat.

Stonewall: Decrease the damage from enemy attacks, bolstering your overall survivability. This talent enhances your resilience by reducing the amount of damage received from enemy sources.

Precision Weapons Proficiency: Increase the damage of Precision-class weapons. This talent amplifies the firepower of precision-based weapons, such as the railgun.

Elemental Weapons Proficiency: Increase the damage of Elemental-class weapons. This talent augments the destructive potential of elemental-based weapons, including those that harness fire, electricity, or other elemental forces.

Automatic Weapons Proficiency: Increase the damage of Automatic-class weapons. This talent enhances the effectiveness of automatic weapons.

Scatter Weapons Proficiency: Increase the damage of Scatter-class weapons. This talent amplifies the destructive capabilities of scatter-based weapon.

Explosive Weapons Proficiency: Increase the damage of Explosive-class weapons. This talent empowers explosive-based weapons by increasing their damage output.

Character Upgrades

Upgrading your character inside Cantina Royale is crucial to your progression and your earnings in the game.

Character Levels

There are a total of 20 levels that characters can progress through in Cantina Royale. Each level-up will reward the player with a more powerful character by increasing their health and shield value as well as progressing through the Talent System.

By playing the game, players will earn character tokens which are used to level up their character.

NFT Characters

For NFT characters, players will need to earn character tokens which they then can apply to any NFT they choose. Upgrading NFT characters also require Shards and Crowns that increase with each level.

Non-NFT Characters

Regular characters will require character specific tokens in order to level-up. These tokens can be earned by playing the game and are found in loot boxes. Besides these character specific tokens, players will also need to spend Shards in order to upgrade them.


Character Recruiting in Cantina Royale means NFT owners have the possibility to generate new NFT characters which they can use for playing, lending or selling to other players. This feature is unlocked while progressing through the game at various levels and is solely dedicated to NFT owners.

Besides your character progression, recruiting will require various in-game items and crowns. NFT owners also have the possibility to influence the result of their recruiting (stats, perks, visuals, rarity) by using in-game tradeable items.

Cantina Elrond Apes

Cantina Royale and Elrond Apes have teamed up to partake in the upcoming top-down tactical arcade shooter with play-to-earn mechanisms. Elrond Apes NFTs are featured in the game and are usable across all game modes.

Stats, Perks & Progression

The Cantina Elrond Apes Collection shares the same Stats, Perks, and Progression paths with the Genesis Space Apes.

Besides the visual attributes, the only difference between the Cantina Elrond Apes and Genesis Space Apes is related to the Lifetime earnings perk. Cantina Elrond Apes will have a 1% Lifetime earning perk while Genesis Space Apes earn 1.2%.

NFT Weapons

In the immersive world of Cantina Royale, players can also explore the captivating realm of NFT Weapon collections, which are regularly introduced to the game. These exceptional weapons present a thrilling opportunity for players to earn, trade, and fuse them together, elevating their star ranking and unlocking powerful bonuses. Beyond the enticing perks that these NFT weapons bestow upon their wielders, they also boast visually stunning designs, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

As you immerse yourself in the game's universe, the allure of NFT weapons adds a captivating dimension, encouraging players to embark on thrilling quests, seek out these rare treasures, and discover the unparalleled advantages they hold in the battlefields of Cantina Royale.

Arsenal X

The first such collection to launch is the Arsenal X weapons. These come with unique visuals as well as some exciting weapon bonuses when they reach star level 4.

Railgun: Steady Shot - 20% damage for the next shot after not moving for 3 seconds

Boomstick: True Vision - Every 5th shot marks enemies for 7 seconds. Marked enemies are revealed while hiding.

Mortar Gun: Total Impact - Every 10 seconds the next shot has +20% AOE (area of effect) radius

Tesla Gun: Electric Recharge - Electricity recharges the shield of friendly champions

Blaster: Slow Mo - Every 10 seconds the next shot slows down enemies by 20% for 3 seconds.

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