Currencies & Resources

The game provides a multitude of in-game items that personalize and influence your experience inside Cantina Royale. These items range from visuals to gameplay enhancements, and various upgrade items. Some of the rare and powerful items are even tradeable between players as SFTs (semi-fungible tokens).


Crowns - Can be earned as rewards while playing in the Arena, and by staking your NFT in the Lending Program. Crowns are the hard currency and represent $CRT within the game (1 $CRT = 100 Crowns)

Gems - These represent the hard currency of Cantina Royale. They can be earned in limited amounts by playing the game and can also be purchased from the in-game store with in-app purchases and Crowns.

Shards - They represent the soft currency within Cantina Royale. They can be earned by playing with any type of character and is the main currency of the in-game economy.


Career Points - Earned by playing the game and progresses players through the Career Road, which provides players with valuable resources, unlocks new characters, weapons and more.

Talent Points - Unlocked by players when progressing their characters, more specifically when a character reaches level 7, it unlocks the talent system.

Character Tokens - Earned by players from Loot Boxes and are character specific. These are used in order to level up their characters.

Universal Character Tokens - Also earned by players from Loot Boxes, however, these are not character specific and can be used by players to level up any character they choose, including NFT characters.

Battle Points - Are earned after every match except for matches played in the Arena. Winning provides more than losing and these battle points are used to progress in the Battle Pass.

Battle Points Doubler - Players can occasionally come across battle points doublers that will double their battle points earned from matches.

Weapon Coin - Earned by players from various sources (Loot Box, Career Road, etc) and can be used in the Forge in order to get a new low star weapon.

Epic Weapon Coin - Similar to the regular Weapon Coin, Epic Weapon Coins can be earned from multiple sources but are much rarer. These can be used in the Forge for a chance to earn a 4 star weapon.

Arsenal-X Weapon Coin - Provides players with the ability to earn a NFT Weapon from the forge. These are awarded to players who are successful in the Battle Arena rankings each week.

Loot Boxes (Silver, Gold, Platinum) - Can be earned by winning a match in the regular modes as long as players have an open box slot. The boxes themselves contain general resources needed for account, character and weapon progression like Shards, Champion Tokens, Gems and other rare resources. Gold and Platinum boxes are higher quality versions of the Silver Box. Loot Boxes can also be leveled up by progressing in the Career Road. Higher level boxes will provide players with more rewards.


Common emotes - Can be used in-game to communicate with other players.

Epic Emotes (SFTs) - A rarer version of the emotes which are also SFTs (semi-fungible tokens) and are tradeable.

Common Spawners - Changes the spawn animation of a player.

Common Tombstones - Appears upon a players death in the game

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