Cantina Royale

Cantina Royale is a top-down tactical arcade shooter game featuring both single-player and intense online multiplayer battles. Cantina Royale is on a mission to deliver a unique gaming experience with distinct game assets, dynamic gameplay, and opportunities to earn through entering the world of galactic battles.

Welcome to the Cantina Royale

Rest your tired legs and experience the intergalactic adventure as you drink, loot, and raid your way to victory! The Cantina is the place for all races to gather, drink to their hearts’ content, and conduct unsavory deals and schemes. The crowd is lively, but make one wrong move, and you’ll find trouble among these delinquents.
Find your drinking buddy amongst the bounty hunters, smugglers, space pirates, and mercenaries; or try your luck in the ring as you duke it out against the most formidable of competitors in the Battle Royale.
Give in to the temptations of epic loot and bountiful rewards. Form alliances with unlikely crews, and take down your rivals in the ultimate space conquest. The Cantina is always rowdy and buzzing, but she always has room for more. Gather your team, equip your crew with good gears, and enter the arena of Cantina Royale to earn your reward now!
In the vast darkness of space, only the strongest make it out on top!

Free-to-Play & Play-to-Earn

Blockchain gaming hit the mainstream in 2021, and is now a billion-dollar industry, hitting an industry value of $5.17B in the same year. Yet the average cost to start playing NFT games is relatively high, which is a barrier to entry for aspiring players. NFT gaming needs to be accessible for people to sustain the game.
Cantina Royale introduces the first-ever play-to-earn blockchain gaming platform that is absolutely free to play for all users! As The Cantina gathers a motley crew of pirates and mercenaries, Cantina Royale opens its pixels to players from all walks of life. Our free-to-play feature allows players to get in on the action without having to shell out thousands of dollars to start playing.
Free-to-play users have the option to create an account with no wallet requirements, hidden fees, or costs to jumpstart their adventure. They will gain access to certain game modes where they can test their skills, and climb ranks against other Free-to-Play users. These rankings could affect their ability to become sponsored by NFT holders who are looking for their next big star.
Our free-to-play model allows Cantina Royale to host a diverse selection of players regardless of their risk appetite. Players can invest in their NFT characters and weapons for special perks and rewards bonuses, or they can opt to become a scholar with rented NFTs to progress their gameplay. Free-to-play users can get a feel of the game without any initial investment while gaining access to whitelists and drops that would take their gameplay to the next level!
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