A weapon is a fighter’s best ally and its worst enemy - Shoot or be shot in this top-down shooting game, and enhance your weapons for better, faster kill rates. The weapon system in Cantina Royale is an integral part of both the gameplay and the metagame. While character progression provides players with a way to make their characters more defensive, weapons give players a chance to increase their damage.

There are 5 weapons currently in Cantina Royale, each belonging to a specific class, with more to be added consistently throughout the seasons.


Weapon Class: Automatic

4 Star Perk: Shield Breaker - 10% more damage against all shields

The Blaster serves as a versatile weapon capable of unleashing rapid and precise firepower. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, the Blaster offers a balanced blend of accuracy, rate of fire and damage, making it a reliable choice for players in various combat scenarios. The Blaster empowers players to engage enemies at medium to long-range distances while maintaining control and accuracy. Whether it's suppressing foes with controlled bursts or delivering lethal single-shot precision, the Blaster ensures that players can adapt to ever-changing battlefield conditions and make a significant impact in the heat of battle.


Weapon Class: Scatter

4 Star Perk: Fast Reload - 50% ammo reload speed for 5 seconds after getting a kill.

The Boomstick is a fearsome shotgun-style weapon renowned for its raw power and devastating impact at close range. With a design focused on delivering maximum damage in a limited area, the Boomstick unleashes a lethal spread of pellets that decimate enemies in its path. Its short range makes it ideal for aggressive engagements, where players can quickly close the gap and unleash a devastating barrage on unsuspecting foes. The wide spread of the pellets increases the chances of hitting multiple targets or dealing significant damage to a single opponent. Masters of the Boomstick can turn tight corners into deadly traps or clear tight spaces with its formidable firepower, making it a force to be reckoned with in close-quarter battles where swift reflexes and calculated aggression are paramount.


Weapon Class: Precision

4 Star Perk: Overcharge - After hitting an enemy, the next shot deals 10% additional damage.

The Railgun is the pinnacle of long-range marksmanship. Built with advanced technology, this sniper-type weapon harnesses devastating power and exceptional accuracy. The Railgun's high-velocity projectiles pierce through targets with unmatched precision, delivering devastating damage to enemies from extreme distances. Its sleek and streamlined design enables players to acquire and eliminate targets swiftly and efficiently. With its emphasis on precision and calculated shots, the Railgun rewards skilled marksmen who can patiently line up their shots, ensuring that every bullet counts in their quest to turn the tide of battle with lethal accuracy.

Mortar Gun

Weapon Class: Explosive

4 Star Perk: Burn - Leave fire on the ground for 5 seconds, dealing damage to enemies who are caught.

The Mortar Gun is a formidable weapon capable of launching explosive projectiles with devastating impact. Designed for indirect fire, the Mortar Gun allows players to rain destruction upon their enemies from a safe distance. With its high arc trajectory, this weapon can launch projectiles over obstacles and structures, making it a perfect choice for flushing out entrenched enemies or dealing area-of-effect damage to clustered foes. The explosive shells create a wide blast radius, inflicting substantial damage to any enemy. Strategic placement and timing are crucial when wielding the Mortar Gun, as skilled players can control the battlefield and disrupt enemy formations. With its ability to strike from above and unleash explosive chaos, the Mortar Gun empowers players to dominate the battlefield with devastating force.

Tesla Gun

Weapon Class: Elemental

4 Star Perk: Electric Vamp - Dealing electricity damage recharges your shield.

The Tesla Gun is an electrifying elemental weapon, harnessing the power of electricity to unleash devastating attacks. With each pull of the trigger, it propels an electric sphere that crackles with energy, capable of discharging a powerful explosion upon impact. The Tesla Gun's unique ability to shock and disrupt enemy formations makes it a formidable choice for crowd control and area denial. By capitalizing on its elemental power, players can manipulate the battlefield, incapacitate adversaries, and turn the tide of battle with a single well-placed shot. With its electrifying capabilities, the Tesla Gun electrifies the battlefield with unrelenting power and unleashes chaos upon anyone who dares to stand in its way.

Weapon Fusing

Weapons in Cantina Royale have a star rating from 1 to 6 stars. By increasing the star rating of a weapon, you gain new bonuses for your weapon and improve it’s effectiveness. To increase a weapon’s star rating, players will need to fuse together 2 additional weapons of the same type, collection and star rating. The resulting fusing process will upgrade your desired weapon into the next star rating.

Weapon Upgrading

Each weapon can be upgraded up to level 20. Each level-up of the weapon increases the weapons damage. To upgrade a weapon, players have to acquire XP for each weapon by using it during matches. Weapon upgrading also requires shards to be spend, increasing in amount with each level.

Weapon Forge

The Weapon Forge is a new feature that allows players to acquire new weapons. It provides players with multiple types of generating new random weapons depending on the resources they have and what they want to spend.

New weapons are acquired in the Forge either by purchasing or by using your existing weapon coins. These weapon coins can be acquired in various places, like the Career Road, the Battle Pass, the Arena Royale as well as other rare events that will take place in Cantina Royale. Each coin can be used in the Forge in order to acquire a new random weapon.

The weapon forge provides players with multiple types of ways of acquiring new weapons like:

  • A daily spin which gives players a random 1 or 2 star rank weapon every day for free

  • An epic spin which provides players with a random 2,3 or 4 star rank weapon and it costs Gems

  • An Arsenal-X spin which gives a random NFT weapon from the Arsenal-X collection and requires an Arsenal-X weapon coin (obtainable from Arena Royale Leaderboard)

Other time-limited and seasonal events will provide a chance for players to acquire new weapons and potentially focus on a specific weapon they choose.

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