Cantina Royale offers premium incentives enticing enough for any ragged bounty hunter. There are many ways to earn while playing the game. Your character progression and level will greatly influence your earning potential, the higher the level the better their loot.
While players don’t need to pay capital to start playing, it’s the premium players and NFT holders who gain valuable rewards from raids and battles. Non-NFT owners can access high-ranking NFT characters through the Lending Platform, which seeks to benefit both the holders and scholars to optimize their shared rewards. NFT holders can utilize these character rentals to earn a passive income on the side.


Free to Play users can use a set of free characters in order to play the game. They can unlock more characters by progressing through the game. Free players can also upgrade and level up their characters up to level 50 and can earn common rewards and shards within the game.


Additional to common rewards and shards, NFT holders within Cantina Royale can also earn Crowns and Premium Boxes. Their characters can be upgraded up to level 100.


The Lending Platform provides players with an opportunity to borrow an NFT and earn Crowns and Premium rewards. All XP points gained with the borrowed NFT will be awarded to the NFT itself. Shards and Crowns earned will be rewarded to both Lender and Borrower. When it comes to Boxes, Cantina Boxes will be awarded to the borrower while Premium Boxes will be awarded to the Lender.