Welcome to the Cantina Royale

Rest your tired legs and experience the intergalactic adventure as you drink, loot, and raid your way to victory! The Cantina is the place for all races to gather, drink to their hearts’ content, and conduct unsavory deals and schemes. The crowd is lively, but make one wrong move, and you’ll find trouble among these delinquents.

Find your drinking buddy amongst the bounty hunters, smugglers, space pirates, and mercenaries; or try your luck in the ring as you duke it out against the most formidable of competitors in the Battle Royale.

Give in to the temptations of epic loot and bountiful rewards. Form alliances with unlikely crews, and take down your rivals in the ultimate space conquest. The Cantina is always rowdy and buzzing, but she always has room for more. Gather your team, equip your crew with good gears, and enter the arena of Cantina Royale to earn your reward now!

In the vast darkness of space, only the strongest make it out on top!

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