Space Ape NFTs

The Cantina is the place for ragtag ruffians to rendezvous, so you’re more than likely to find a lineup of characters in your midst, each with a unique set of skills and appearances. Cantina Royale features an array of NFTs as playable characters through Space Apes - an original collection available once the game is fully launched.
The Space Ape collection will give a boost to the Cantina Royale ecosystem with staggering 3D graphics as fully playable in-game characters. Drink, raid, and fight your way to glory with this particular collection, and go ape-solutely bananas over your original NFTs.

Space Apes Rarity

NFT Characters inside Cantina Royale differ in their rarity. The higher the rarity of the NFT a player holds, the higher the starting and maximum available Stat & Perk scores. Having more powerful characters increases the player's chance to win and therefore increases their potential in-game earnings. Characters are classified from Bronze to Legendary, ascending in rarity and perks per tier level:

Genesis Space Apes Lifetime Earnings

The Genesis Space Apes is the first collection to release inside the Cantina Royale Ecosystem. These first 15.000 NFTs earn additional rewards from all future NFT characters that are generated through recruiting. They will earn 1.2% of in-game earnings from all future generations that are descendants of the original Genesis Space Ape. This includes NFTs that have been sold on the marketplace after recruitment.