Bored Apes Yacht Club

Cantina Royale will soon feature fully-modeled 3D characters from the world-renowned simian collection, the Bored Apes Yacht Club! These fully functional and playable NFTs enrich the game with a unique set of features per Bored Ape, including voice and animation. Players can immerse in a world filled with their favorite NFTs, and interact with other users in the game.
All 10,000 Apes are ready to make their debut in their own unique, intergalactic adventure. The journey starts with the player and continues in the metaverse where each player can choose their course in the story. Strengthen your team to become the most indestructible of chimps, else you might end up a chump!
BAYC holders can integrate their Bored Ape into the game through a lookalike character generated by the game. They can then choose to become an active player and use their NFT character in the game or rent out their lookalike character through the Lending Platform for passive income through shared rewards.