For NFT Borrowers

Borrowers will be able to rent NFT characters to get ahead in the game. This will open chances for interested players to earn from Cantina Royale without the high costs of owning the NFT character. Each party earns rewards based on the performance of the borrower in games. Borrowing through the Lending Platform is limited to one NFT character at a time.

Cross-Platform Gameplay

NFTs listed on the Verko Lending Platform are cross-game compatible so borrowers can use the same rented NFT to play different game titles available on the Verko ecosystem. Players will be able to bring their rented NFTs from The Cantina to other games within Verko. This will create continuity for players using the same rented characters across multiple games, and will encourage holders to bring compatible NFTs into Planet Atruna!

Earning Rewards with NFTs

Free-to-play users are provided with generic Space Apes to fuel their adventure across the galaxy. While these characters are fully-functional, they don’t churn any income for users. NFTs will enhance gameplay for borrowers, allowing players to earn rewards through gameplay, and increase the likelihood of winning in the battle arena.
Borrowers earn a cut from their profits using a rented NFT while the rest of the cut goes to the staking pool. Character strength depends on NFT rarity and level. The Lending Platform creates income opportunities to borrowers that they would not gain from using generic characters while providing a selection of NFTs to choose from!

Rental Period

Borrowers gain the rights to use their rented NFTs during the active loan period, after which the digital asset goes back into the Lending Platform to be listed for rent unless the NFT holder delisted it. The current rental period of an NFT is 24 hours and is subject to change depending on demand.

Zero-knowledge Prerequisites

With current blockchain games, users must have a grasp of crypto concepts to understand the NFT lending process. Cantina Royale is revolutionizing Zero Crypto-knowledge Prerequisites through the Verko Lending Platform, so users can borrow NFTs without any prior knowledge of crypto or NFTs. Users will be able to borrow NFTs with a touch of a button - no more complicated than any e-commerce site!
Verko’s NFT Lending Platform makes it possible for players to gain elusive NFTs through rentals and allows holders to invest their characters toward dedicated and skilled players.