Overview & Utility

The economy in Cantina Royale operates with $CRT. In order to have a clear and easy representation we’ve created Crowns, this is the in-game currency that directly represents $CRT and is used in the game by players to perform different tasks and upgrades, $CRT is the listed token in Cantina Royale, and holds the perks for token holders.

CRT Utility

As a listed token, $CRT represents utility in Cantina Royale. Its purpose is for functional utility in the game ecosystem, and so provides a convenient and secure mode for NFT-related transactions, but is not intended to be used as payment for any product or services that the issuer does not own. Token utilities include the trade of NFT characters, token and NFT staking rewards, rewards in Special Events, and the recruitment of new characters. $CRT has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 CRT, These tokens will allow holders to influence the on-chain governance proposals of Cantina Royale. Total utilities include:
  • Purchasing and Selling of NFT Characters
  • Token Staking Reward
  • NFT Staking Reward
  • Recruitment of Characters