Earning CRT

Crowns can be earned as rewards while playing through PvP and PvE modes. These coins represent $CRT within Cantina Royale, which will continuously expand as the game develops.
The higher the level of a character, the more rewards they can earn from missions, raids, and matches. NFT holders also gain tokens as they lend their characters out to other players through the Lending Platform. Crowns are the cornerstone foundation of the entire economy in Cantina Royale and can be used in a variety of transactions from opening Loot Boxes, to upgrading NFT characters. Since Crowns are a conversion of $CRT they are used to recruit new characters in the game to further expand their collection. Utilities include:
  • Upgrade NFT Characters and Weapons
  • Open Loot Boxes for Rewards
  • Unlock in-game assets
  • Recruiting Charactes